Saturday, July 16, 2011

Belajar untuk apa atau siapa?

suatu masa dahulu....
aku belajar untuk nilai yang bagus, buat parents bangga, dapatkan course yg mantap,uni yg hebat..and so on..kalau pergi usrah,org kata belajar demi Allah..lagi la payah nak menghayati..

waktu exam dl,ada pilihan jawapan, kalau dah tak tahu sgt, tembak je mana2, kalau betul,alhamdulillah, kalau salah nak buat mcm mana kn,belajar dari kesalahan...

setelah masuk hospital....
berdepan dgn org2 yg sakit dgn multipathologic prob..dahla diabetes mellitus, ada pulak congestive heart failure,tak cukup dgn tu, tambah lg chronic kidney disease. as if internal prob tak banyak,ada pulak masalah kulit..Ya Allah...ada ke ruang untuk berbuat salah pada keadaan begini?

kalau dulu main teka2 je jawapan, boleh ke sekarang nak main teka2 je patient sakit apa?boleh ke senang2 nak bagi ubat tanpa memikirkan efek sampingan? mistake,can cost a life

Kalau dulu belajar sambil lewa demi sehelai kertas..sekarang ni belajarlah dengan sepenuh hati alia demi kehidupan orang,demi redha Allah supaya di akhirat nanti kau dapat bagi buku amalan dgn tangan kananmu.. Wallahua'lam...

Friday, June 3, 2011


Alhamdulillah...segala pujian bagi Allah. Setelah 3.5 tahun bertungkus-lumus,bersengkang mata, bertarik rambut, grad jugak akhirnye...n yes,I know there will be more hysterical act, but im gonna be thankful for the time being.

Forgive me if this post is way too late from the date of my graduation because there was a problem at my blog page itself. Button 'new post' hilang.huhuuuu.

19 MAY 2011

PS: seriously x payah la pakai baju cun2.pakai singlet n tudung biase je pn bole.huhuhu..n for girls like my size,prasan la diri anda kurus,n pendek (huhu). pilihla size S for ur jubah grad ;)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Karimun Jawa...worth every penny and sunburn

Things that I thought could only be seen on TV, I saw it with my own eyes few days ago.How could there be such beautiful things. Things that I thought looked like fake but it is the real one(actually the fakes immitate the real ones :P) because the colour is just so...colourful(all this while I thought the ocean is only blue :P)

Nak pergi tempat cantik, perjalanan pun 'cantik' jugak la kn.Ini route die : Jogja-Jepara(pelabuhan)-Karimun.
Dari Jogja ke Jepara adela dlm 4-6jam bergantung pada keadaan lalu lintas. Dari Jepara ke Karimun pulak lagi 6jam(ade kapal yg 3jam tp byran 3x ganda la dr feri 6jam).So about 12jam journey...The cost can be refer to Nazirul's page. But basically all of it. From Jogja back to Jogja, homestay, all the activity, foods and souvenir were about 1 juta (RM350).

Anyways, didnt really mind the hours of travel(on the ferry) because I just love to enjoy scenes of nature..the clouds,the sea, the sun, never fail to amaze me. When we arrived there, we were welcomed by Mas Alex. Mas yg sengal...So as his frenz who we met later

Even though we wore life jackets, jumping into the ocean is aint easy. Knowing that the ocean is a place with no boundaries makes me feel quite nervous in the beginning. But once I took the leap and  opened my eyes, the first thing that I saw was BREATHTAKING,literally. I was really taking a breath of amazed(eventhough we do breath with our mouth). The ocean was so crystal clear, every details can be seen. In pictures,it may seem a lil bit dull but believe, it was very colourful in reality... 

I dont now how to swim,which makes me even scared (pdhal dah pakai life jacket). Everytime I got near to the coral reefs to close, I panicked :P but then, lots of people gave the encouragement and so learn how to swim. As soon as I released my life jacket, it wasnt too long for me to be able to swim. Well, there was other FACTORS that helped me a lot.  
TQ Fatin for the support =)
Sifu renang. Bkn yg seblah kanan k :P
  • Snorkeling mask(so I wont worried from out of oxygen)
  • Snorkeling fins (saves my energy)
  • The ocean (higher density, more buoyancy)
  • Being a women itself (heheee...)

Haziq org plg byk dive
Napia pose plg cool
Is to dive without oxygen tank. To do this, first thing is u have to know how to swim. Since I cant really swim,so...anyways to do duck dive,firstly "badan kayak jarum". ur butt n ur legs are like the back of the needle :P then dive. sounds easy but it aint.cause u tend to float again. Then when u get to dive, in 3 meters deep u'll feel a pressure that would burst ur ears n for panic people like me, as soon as the water enters the snorkeling mask, u'll be hurrying wanting to breath. But if u r able to do that, u r sooo lucky to see the beautiful corals =)
Ini je yg ak mampu. Itupun Pak Dol yg tarik ke bawah :P


While group yang gile renang and diving where finding nemo, er joo, fadhli, imran and me (geng2 xtau berenang except fadli tp die pn malas berenang) choose to sit back and relax..and maybe some "Nike commercial" act. Fadhli sendiri yg request k(xde sape pakse die)
how could sands be moulded like this?


That turtle sure knows how to give love bite :P
Er, turtle tu lagi garang la.zzzz

Believe me, even if you go to a high class,expensive,exclusive (exaggerate gile2) restaurant, you wont find fish as fresh as this. After being in the water for hours, eating frsh 'ikan bakar' with  'sambal belacan' and 'sambal kicap' is the best!

Karimun is like a whole new world. Even hours on the boat looking only at the clouds,sea and sun, the scenery is always breathtaking (cuma bontot je kamatu).

Transportation.....143k rp
Trip package....420k rp
Dinner at Bu Ester...30k rp
The experience....PRICELESS

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tak ajak pun...

popular among the gurls...gurls, wat pape pn mst same2.nk g skola same2, makan same2, toilet pn kdg2 nk g same2 (esp asrama gurls). klu ade yg tertggl mesti merajuk. "tak ajak pn..." pastu gado :P

tp sbnrnye, x semua bende yg org buat, kite nk hrp kn di ajak. kalau da satu rumah ade 9 org, jenuh jgk nk ajak2 sorg2 at times,pandai2 la wat diri di ajak.mcm ade sorg kwn ni sbb nk di ajak ke wedding org,br la nk mencapub kat fb org tu kn :P. klu diri tu suke terperuk dlm bilik,asik bertutup je pintu (pintu ketat sbnrnye), rajin2 la klua tnjk muke.."eh, korg nk mkn mane?".baru la org x lupe keberadaan ko.

pastu bile org da ajak tu, rajin2 la ikut kn (da nk sgt kene ajak kn). ini bl org da ajak2 tp xnk ikut plak. lame2 org pn menyampah jgk nak ajak. asal org ajak usrah je x ikut. pastu bile da x diajak terase.huhuuu

kadang2 tu, x rase nk pegi pn, tp ngade2 nk gak di ajak. dorg g bali? x ajak sbnrnye klu kene ajak pn x nak pegi jugak. so pe tujuan kene ajak tu?zzzzzz

tapi tak bermakne setiap mase kite nk hrpkn org pandai2 fikir sendiri..."ah,pandai2 die la.klu da lapar,nk mkn,ikut jela skali". sometimes, people wanted to be invited just as a sign that they are remembered. thats all. bende2 cmni seriusly payah. mmg kene ade kesepakatn mutual.esp complicated.*sigh*...

so klu kdg2 diri x diajak tu, jgnla terase berlebih2an k. tarik nafas,sit back n relax, n think of all the positive possibility nape ko x diajak. "die tido lmbt smlm,xnk kaco la ajak g psr pagi", "die tgh batuk selsema tu, xkn nk ajak gi bali plak".

apepn, xyah la merajuk lame2, xde hati len yg membengkak dan membusuk selain hati kita sndr. peace!^^

ps:semua perumpamaan di atas tiada kaitan dgn org lain kecuali diri sndr.klu ade sape2 terase terkene btg hidung die.sori bangat! tiada niat sebegitu k..

Friday, April 8, 2011

Believing the existence of God

Its been a long time since i wrote a blog. I was about to start again by telling bout my holiday but turns out I found another blog that catches my eyes and dazzled me. Its about the existence of God.

A scientist stated that there is no such thing as God. The planet exist solely base on scientific explanation. But the planet created so perfectly, so accurately that even the slightest mistake could cause a disaster, so can we call it a coincidence? Enjoy the link below =)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

y do I hate Malay drama?(not all)

nothing to write actually...just replacing the whining post previously.moral of the story:never burst out things when u r emotionally :P

anyways,in Malaysia right now.Its only been 2 days but i sure am good in procastinating. jogging?reading books?havent done any of them yet.except just finished 20 episodes of Secret Garden in 2 days :P.shows that its a nice story.thnx fazrul.

right now am watching Malay drama with my relatives. its so pathetic n annoying till I have to re open the laptop n blogging.y does malay drama has to be so pity???sorg duda dgn 3 anak cacat,di hina org,anak 1st kene aniaya msk penjara,anak 2nd kene rogol,anak 3rd durhaka pastuh kawen dgn org kaye.ingtkn boleh bahagia rupe2nye kene jage bini tua yg lumpuh(dah lumpuh pn jahat lg).x cukup dgn tu ade sorg lg bini sexy yg jahat jgk.zzzzzz...bile nk ending nih. oh,skg ni bapak die plak sakit.perfect.

does this stigma still happens in our community?hurmmm...renung2 kan la ye...dah ngantuk tgk cite meleret berjela sgt....(ape ak merapu ntah)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Broken Record

The mistakes keep playin in my head like a broken record.It is the fourth OSCE but this is the first that gave my heartache the most. Previously, at least I know some of them I was able to do well. But this one?it feels like I screwed every station. It was supposed to be the best performance because its the last, but somehow, its the worst

usually, after OSCE I feel like a free person. No looking back. Just forget the mistakes(after learning from it) and move forward. Ape nak jadi, pasrah je. but not with this. somehow its hard to let go.

I wanna forget it. trying to say to myself tawakkal pd Allah,berserah,ape dah jd dah jd,nasi da jadi taik,nangis air mata darah skalipn x gune.but it just does not work :((

Plz3 ya Allah, give ease to this heart... so that I can start fresh tomorrow, n not bothered by this anymore.......for now